About Us


Drip FC is a brand that highlights the intersection of footy, style, and culture. 

The unique thing about Drip FC is that not only do we highlight the style and drip off the field, but the brand was started from highlighting the style and drip on the field. Originating from Isaiah Reid’s Tiktok series ‘Drip or Skip’, the brand has grown from rating player’s game fits to a community of people that love football & fashion. The series was inspired by players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Nani, Quaresma, and countless others who brought style & flair to the game. Whether it was the freshest boots, wrist tape, or cut socks, their style matched their exceptional skills. Whenever Isaiah would say “DRIP” in his videos, he would do a special emote, and this turned into a goal celebration that went viral. 

However, although it started as a comedic series, “Drip or Skip” has turned into a whole movement. The videos started becoming popular, and the series began to garner global attention. Because of this, “DRIP” became huge in the footy community. With the increased popularity of the Tiktok series, Drip FC was created as a club and community to highlight ballers that exhibited drip on the pitch.

Drip FC is everything style and culture in the footy community. From our social media pages to our streetwear brand, Drip FC is bringing culture and style back to football. Our collection consists of merch & accessories so players can look good, feel good, and play better on the pitch.

Drip FC is the intersection of footy, style, and culture on the field. Highlighting the freshest boots, player skills, captivating celebrations, and drippy kits, Drip FC provides a platform for the most skilled and stylish. We are the go-to platform for anything football & fashion. Whether we are covering streetwear brands for footballers, off-pitch player fashion, or the latest brand releases, we make sure to stay true to our roots. 

Drip FC isn’t just a club for how you look. It’s also about how you play. It’s an aura. It’s a feeling. It’s a lifestyle.

Welcome to Drip FC

Meet the Team

Isaiah Reid: Founder 

Jeremiah White III:  Co-Owner

Chris Buxton: Admin